Our New Gear

January 11, 2017

Our New Gear

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A few months ago we bought a new camera, a bit more powerful than our Canon, a Nikon D3300. It's small and light enough for 360 degree panoramas and spheres and easy to carry around my neck without feeling too weighted down.

For Christmas, we decided one of our presents to each other would be a pair of speed lights with receiver. Chris enjoys light painting and thought they would make a good addition for that and I liked the idea of trying them out for interiors shoots.

As a present from my dad, we also received a wireless adapter for the Nikon mobile app. It comes in handy being able to see when shooting from above.

Chris also recently purchased a remote for the camera.

Our monopod comes in handy for the speed lights and the Manfrotto tripod is very sturdy -I highly recommend it.

These were just a few of our current items.

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