Chris and Cassandra Garner

About Us:

I find the hardest piece to write is an autobiography. How do I only pick out certain points in our life when there are so many exciting experiences to choose from? Well, I'm going to try!

wooden boat tour seattle washington
Wooden Boat Tour - Seattle

Our History:

2006, our freshman year at UCF, doesn't feel like that long ago... Chris, the cute long-haired boy who lived in the dorm below me, stole my heart with just one look and we've been together ever since. (Sappy? Yes, but true.)

I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 2008 while Chris studied Philosophy and later Motorcycle Mechanics at MMI, graduating Honda Certified in 2012 -his love of bikes ingrained from his father and grandfather.

A bit last minute, we decided in February of 2013 to elope. We took a flight to Seattle, Washington and stayed with my friend Christina before tying the knot at the King County Courthouse. Our families were both surprised and supportive -after 6 years together they figured it was bound to happen!

Only a little over a year later (2014) we bought a house in Titusville, Florida.  Although no children, we do have fur babies.  Our dog, Elwood, and sugar-glider, Natasha, have moved several times with us over the years before we settled down.  The newest member of our family is our cat, Oscar, whom Chris rescued out of a dumpster behind the motorcycle shop where he does contract work.

Fraser Island
Fraser Island


As an Army Brat, I moved around with my family from state to state and even spent a couple years in Germany; I'm no stranger to the life of a nomad. In 2007 I traveled with the International Student Volunteers to Australia to help with conservation efforts at the Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens.

Chris' family also loves to travel. He's been on an array of cruises, weekends in the keys, and trips through the Appalachian Mountains, just to name a few locales.

1963 oven
Our 1960s Oven


Since he was twelve, Chris has been in a kitchen (it probably helps that his family owns Alice's Family Restaurant in Stuart, Florida) and one of his favorite things to do is experiment with flavors and cooking methods. He masters sauteing, grilling, and smoking while I prefer to bake and slow-cook.

Our home has the original oven and stove-top from when it was built in 1963.  The aesthetics are wonderful, but the temperatures are greatly off; most of the time we have to compensate and guesstimate.

Suzuki SV 1000
SV 1000


Can you guess what Chris' first vehicle was? Yep, a motorcycle. Like his family, his bike of choice was a cruiser; a Honda Shadow 750.  He has since 'upgraded' to a more powerful sport bike; a Suzuki SV 1000. Throughout the years a couple different bikes have passed through our garage, but the SV is his baby. (No, I'm not jealous!)

We hope you enjoy following along with our journey!
<3 Chris and Cassandra Garner
Chris and Cassandra - youngChris and Cassandra - Just MarriedChris and Cassandra - 2015